Do Class 1 Driver Jobs Pay Well?

LGV drivers are also called class 1 drivers, their main job is to drive the large good vehicles (LGVs) in order to transport goods and materials from one place to another, usually far off destinations.

What is The Salary of Class 1 Driver jobs?

Moreover, when it comes to the class 1 driver jobs and salaries, it is comparatively better than the drivers who drive other vehicles like tourist buses, school vans, and public transport etc.

How Can You Be Class 1 jobs?

For class 1 driver jobs you are required to have proper license and the driving experience on bigger roads. So it is better that first you that take proper driving training from a truck driving school before applying for such class 1 jobs and their licenses. Usually a six weeks training session is enough to get the driving license required for the class 1 job.

Does Job Requirements Vary Company Wise?

Yes class 1 driver job requirements vary company wise as some transportation companies require more experience in driving while others require less. So, before applying for the class 1 jobs, it is recommended that you check the company’s requirements well.